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If you have 5 minutes, watch the photos and music montage that promotes reconnecting to Earth, people and a relaxation effect:




Live Inspired Life

New approach to software testing, where it will create a leaner more predictable Software Development Life Cycle

Having been in software testing for 20+ years, spent the past 4 years, looking at what is overlooked, over-estimated, under-estimated, and more. There is are some common variables worth paying attention to…


Do we look forward to tomorrow and dawn of a new day?

Are we excited and ecstatic about what is in store for us tomorrow and what we will be doing? I hope the answer is a resounding YES, but if it’s not, perhaps we have strayed from the path and lost sight of the most important things we have in our lives. It is never about financial gain and security, although these days, it is difficult not to think about those things. But those things are residual effects that come to us naturally, if we follow the natural path the universe has provided for us.

Live An Inspired Life

Live An Inspired Life

The key to happiness and being at peace with our lives is constant presence of inspiration, and absolute absence of fear and doubt in our hearts and minds. Once achieved, all the other things that seemed our primary concerns, and constantly remained out of our reach falls into place. They are never to be thought of as a primary outcome we seek.

It is not magic. It’s merely adjusting our thoughts and emotions with the natural flow of life and believing in ourselves, that each one of us is fully capable of reaching everything we truly desire.

To be continued……



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One of my favorite authors, as well as spiritual leaders is Thich Nhat Hanh. One of the books that made profound effect on me 20 years ago and I have followed the works of the Author Thich Nhat Hanh who has written several best selling books since. Anger is easy to read and understand. It purposely uses common sense language rather than theological type of dialogue. In simple words, it describes how to practice for happiness, making changes for the better, and how to be compassionate towards others, and much more. It is certainly in my permanent reading library and recommendation list.