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I am passionate about researching and writing in and about psychology and technology. My simple rule has been to never write or discuss Politics and religion, because it is a personal choice and no one is wrong or right. It is just point of views and beliefs. However, it has crossed the line into psychology and technology and people are getting killed and hurt all over the world. Now, what I know is based on research and study of history. I don’t have contacts or proof about anything. It is just my most logical predictions based on the signs that are there, if you can see them. So, I am breaking my own rule, because I care for humanity and peace. It is a much better world, if we are collective vs. divisive. I feel it is my responsibility, even if it turns out to be wrong or inaccurate.

This Page is intended to  update the status of the projects working on and projects soon to begin working on. They are in some phase of the publication workflow.

I will also may list some projects I am passionate about, but have not decided to commit to it as a specific project, it being a book or a multimedia production.


Live An Inspired Life (Working Title)

Status – in the process of completion

Tehran, New City in An Old Town

Tehran Book

Tehran – new City in an Old Town
















Status – Completed, but publication is on hold as the proceeds were intended to go to a Charity.

60 Years of Unintended Consequences

Status – Currently Writing

A New Way to Approach Software Testing

Status – In Progress



Your Software Testing Dream Team

Childhood Retrospective



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Live An Inspired Life from this moment on

Software Testing Tutorial and Demo Videos

Exploring the Power of Human Mind

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