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Dallas Cowboys’ draft strategy should be praised, not criticized

Dallas Cowboys' draft strategy should be praised, not criticized  (©GettyImages)
Dallas Cowboys’ draft strategy should be praised, not criticized As featured on NewsNow: Football newsFootball News 24/7

The NFL Draft is now complete and, after rumors, speculation and mock drafts have turned into genuine picks, it is now time to assess how the selections panned out.

Looking at the Dallas Cowboys in particular, GiveMeSport will attempt to break down how the front office handled the 2015 Draft.

It’s not sexy, nor sensational and it doesn’t gets a lot of attention but you can sense a discipline in place by the Cowboys that, compared to a few years ago, would be unimaginable.

I think most of the credit should go to Stephan Jones taking over as the Player Personnel Director and Jason Garrett from the head coach perspective and what he wants to put in place. What is admirable is that they do not get caught up in the hype and trip over their ego in attempting to show the league that they can get whatever player they want, no matter the cost, as Jerry Jones did in years past.
Early rounds

They started the draft by strengthening the secondary by picking one of the best CB in the draft in Byron Jones. Dallas’ secondary will be better for it no doubt. He is physical and a good cover man. Task one – Checked.

On to the second round, where the fans and perhaps some NFL analysts, thought it would be a good time to address the running back position, considering the departure of Demarco Murray.

But again, Cowboys methodically stayed with the their written script and filled the need for a pass rusher with Randy Gregory – DE.









Many experts are giving the player very little chance of success in the NFL but I don’t buy it. I think Gregory has a lot of upside. Task two – Checked.
Rejecting the experts

It seemed to be the theme of the 2015 draft. Fans and media were making sensational comments and predicting possible scenarios. One involving trading picks and getting Adrian Peterson, or drafting a RB in early rounds, linked to the Cowboys specifically.

Speculation continued even after Gurley and Gordon were picked that the Cowboys should go after Tevin Coleman. But none of it seemed to be in the Cowboys draft plans.









In the 3rd round, Cowboys added talent and depth to an already great Offensive Line by picking Chaz Green – OL. Task 3 – checked.

Fourth and fifth round was all about solidifying the defense, picking Damien Wilson – LB in the fourth, and Ryan Russell – Defensive Line in the fifth.

The same theme continued in the seventh round as the Cowboys did not have sixth round pick. They selected Mark Nzeocha – LB, Laurence Gibson another OL, and finished the draft with the final pick Geoff Swaim – TE.
Goal orientated

As I mentioned already here, and to many friends and colleagues, this years draft was anything but sexy or sensational. But it seemed to be very methodical and goal oriented – strengthen the defense and add depth to the offensive line.

Dallas met their main objective, to draft a corner back who is physical and good in press coverage. The Cowboys seem to have found a pass rusher/Run stopper on the DL and LB draft picks. Overall, I think they deserve a B+, but I doubt they get that from the major media draft experts.

If the Cowboys were on the verge of being a great team, they certainly helped their cause. The only question that remains is RB and whether they can trust Darren McFadden. Is he good enough, along with Randle, Dunbar, and Ryan Williams? Will they make a move to make a addition to the RB’s on the roster?

Source: Dallas Cowboys’ post NFL Draft report: A defiant 2015 class | GiveMeSport by Christopher Saleh

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