Here’s how Steve Jobs would Sell a Pen

This post originally appeared on Quora, as an answer to the question, “If Steve Jobs was handed a pen and asked “Sell me this pen,” how would he go about it?”

The purpose behind any product is to bring positive emotions to its user.  We can break down the main positive feelings a pen brings:

1. Ego – The power to create something new and unique that expresses a someone’s individuality.   Something that says you’re not just another human being living out an average, forgettable life.

2. Storage – Creating a more stable storage of ideas that can endure.   Something that makes you feel like your ideas have value and they should be treasured.    By ensuring you don’t forget, it reinforces the feeling that you are valuable.

3. Ergonomics – How it feels in your hand.   It should feel great.

4. Vanity – Letting other people see you’re a person of quality using a quality pen.

With these heuristics, we can create a new product that satisfies each of these emotional needs and communicates it in a very direct way.   The time to gratification for each of these emotional payoffs should be nearly instantaneous.

Without further ado, let’s join Steve.


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Source: Here’s how Steve Jobs would Sell a Pen

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