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What to expect from a Champion

Everyone assumed Mayweather vs. Pacquiao was going to be the fight of the decade, and even some went as far as calling it the fight of the century. Please!!!

The world waited over 5 years to see these two get it on in the ring and see who comes out on top. What no one expected was for Mayweather, the champion of the world and self proclaimed pound for pound best fighter in the world, to dance around the ring eluding and grabbing Pacquiao for 12 rounds, while throwing enough punches to get the points to win enough rounds.

After era of Ali, Frazier, Foreman, Hearns, Leonard and great fighters of that stature, is this what we have come to expect from a champion?

Yes, technically you could say he won. Barely, even at that. But the manner in which Mayweather won the fight says a lot about the current state of boxing. What was once a great and competitive sport that only the bravest, the strongest, the ones with iron will could reach the pinnacle of boxing and be champions or serious contenders, now act more like businessman who are spending another day at the office.

Mayweather robbed Pacquiao by not fighting and just using his speed to dance around the ring and elude any possible lethal punches from Pacquiao. On top of that, pay the guy over 100 million dollars and give him another belt. You got to be kidding me!!

I am sorry but that is totally unacceptable, and I am certain that there are millions of fans who paid for this PPV event who feel robbed as well!!

The question that keeps coming in my head and probably a lot of other fans who saw the fight is “What the heck was that?” It was an embarrassing and shameful performance by Mayweather, and I take no joy in saying that, because I was looking for a “Let’s get it on” type of fight after all these years, as were millions of fans out there.

Is this what the fans expect from the elite champions of today’s boxing world?

Christopher Saleh

Source: Mayweather Defeat Pacquiao with unanimous decision | Christopher Saleh WordPress Blog Site

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