The Authentic Power Guidelines

The Authentic Power Guidelines

Authentic Power is the alignment of your personality with your soul.

The Guidelines for Creating Authentic Power show you step by step how to use your experiences to grow spiritually. Change yourself instead of trying to change others. Make all your relationships substantive, deep, and joyful!

Benefits of Authentic Power

  • Deeper love for yourself as you discover that giving and receiving love are the same; when you give with no attachment you allow yourself to receive with openness.
  • Meaning, purpose, and freedom in your life as you challenge fear-based parts of your personality that are triggered by your interactions with others, and nurture the loved-based parts of your personality that your interactions with others reveal.
  • Joy of conscious co-creation as you discover your unlimited creativity, become a catalyst for the creativity and healing insights of others, and individually and with others use your creativity in ways that you never imagined.
  • Equality that allows you to experience not being separate from others.
  • Develop real courage, the courage to be in integrity to say or do what you know you need to say or do because it is supportive of you and the other(s), even if the other(s) has a reaction.


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