Useful Software Testing Trends to keep an Eye on

Much like software development, software testing is constantly evolving, trends changing, new tools and approaches emerging while, others fading away. Newcomers at times feel similar symptoms to motion sickness. I have found it very useful to pay more attention to the processes and approaches used in software testing and QA, than the tools or certain scripting languages that come and go. I don’t mean I ignore what is trending to be a useful tool, but I always keep one thing in mind. Unlike some aspects of software development which requires laser focus and in some cases requires tunnel vision, QA and testing requires maintaining the overall and broad picture in sight. Otherwise, you may miss mission critical integration points within different components and modules of an enterprise application, and how they interact with one another. Wither it is related to functionality, security, performance, or systems compatibility.

Nevertheless, here are some trends worth keeping an eye on and to follow:

Useful software testing trends

2017 & Beyond – Useful Software Testing Trends to Follow


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