Words Matter

Words Matter

by Christopher Saleh – March 6, 2017

Driving Innovation (Stock Photo)

Certain words even matter more when it comes to reporting innovation. Words such as “Game Changer”, “Revolutionary” and the use of such words matter. As an innovation enthusiast, for me seeing these words used to come across tremendously exciting. But, lately It is being a bit overused. I have seen the last 3 iPhone and Galaxy Samsung as “Game-Changers”, “Revolutionary” or a derivative of those words and their meaning.

Yes, I absolutely believe companies such as #Google, #Apple, #Amazon, #Intel among several others are Innovation companies at their core. Their core mission is to consistently push the envelope to apply innovative ideas and to painstakingly turn them into plans, than experimental projects, and subsequently to what are product or services that are and have been truly “Game-Changers”.

But while they are doing that, they are also making incremental improvements to their current line of products and services. Wither it’s acquiring a small company and their new technology to improve their main products incrementally, or make architectural revisions to improve a feature or function, it is still an incremental improvement.

When regular users read these words over and over, their response will eventually change. So, in my humble opinion in honor of these innovative companies as well as the consumers who are the first to seek them, we must use certain words such as these with reverence and the respect they truly deserve. Or not……!!


  • Christopher Saleh
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